Summer Bucket List

I recently read a blog post that got me thinking about what I’ve done so far with my summer. Let’s see, I’ve played a lot of video games, watched tons of movies, hung out with my two best friends, and gone to Austin for a weekend.

Most of these those things are pretty par for the course for a teenager. But the blog post I read (which you can read here) made me realize that I could be doing so much more! Why am I sitting here, in the middle of July, waiting for school to start? I should be dreading the fact that I will no longer have days upon days to be doing whatever I want!

The obvious solution to this is to find things for myself to do, which is the reason I am writing this post. I’ve decided to make myself a list of things, one for each day left of summer (All 36 of them!), and I’ll do one of them each day. To make sure I actually do it, I’m going to challenge myself to write a post about every day (The interesting ones at least).

So without further ado, let’s start with the list!

  1. Wake up by 8 and run at least four miles
  2. Write a movie review (Read the post here)
  3. Finish my LEGO minibus (Read the post here)
  4. Finish reading Game of Thrones
  5. Reorganize my closet and donate all the clothes that don’t fit
  6. Clean my room, and keep it that way! (Read the post here)
  7. Begin my art project, and finish it by the end of summer
  8. Spend an entire day doing things outside
  9. Beta the story my friend sent me
  10. Make a calendar to use for the coming school year
  11. Cook dinner for my family
  12. Bake a pie
  13. Study my French notes
  14. Send postcards to my friends from NYC
  15. Show “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy to my friend who hasn’t seen it
  16. Choose audition songs and monologues for theatre
  17. Spend a day out of the house with my friends
  18. Finish watching Season 2 of Supernatural
  19. Write something. A song, a poem, a story, a play, anything
  20. Make more videos with my friend, then make then edit them into a montage by the end of the summer (Read the post here)
  21. Sign up for voice lessons
  22. Work out for an hour (Read the post here)
  23. Buy scrap-booking supplies
  24. Go to the movie theatre and watch something I wouldn’t normally watch
  25. Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger
  26. Go to the market and buy exotic fruits to try
  27. Visit the library
  28. Go to Starbucks and buy a drink I’ve never had before (read about it here!)
  29. Start a journal, and write an entry at least once a week
  30. Write a message to all my friends who are leaving for college
  31. Take an IQ test (read about it here)
  32. Eat only healthy foods for an entire day
  33. Make a “music video” with some friends
  34. Go to the park
  35. Have a “photo shoot” with a friend
  36. Call someone instead of texting them

Well, that’s it! I may end up adding more later on, but I think that 36 is plenty for now! If anyone feels the urge to comment, then feel free to tell me what your plans for the summer are!

Until tomorrow my lovelies, adieu!


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