Movie Review – Repo! The Genetic Opera

Official Rating: R

My Rating: ★★★ 1/2

Summary: “Repo!” was recommended to me by two of my friends, and seeing as I am both a fan of darker material and musicals, I figured I would give it a try. The basic gist of the movie is that in the future, there is a pandemic which causes organ failure. GeneCo is launched in order to give organs to the people whose own have failed. But, there’s a catch. If they don”t make their payments on time, a “repo man” is sent to… well, take the organ back. Obviously this movie is not for the squeamish, it does show the removal process in great detail, often with a gratuitous amount of blood. Yes, this movie is definitely made by the same people who created “Saw”.

Music: As the title suggests, the movie is also a musical. All of the songs have influences from metal, punk and grunge music. And yes, some of the songs have a definite operatic feel. If you want to listen to one of the songs, click the video below. I liked the music overall, especially performances by Terrance Zdunich (Grave robber). Anthony Head (Nathan/Repo Man) was wonderful as well, he has a very commanding voice. The one thing that I didn’t like was that the lead, Shilo (played by Alexa Vega), sounded great on some songs and very weak on others. Compared to the wonderful performances by some of the other cast members, Vega’s were lacking.

Visuals (Costumes, make-up, sets, etc): As a member of the costume department in my theatre troupe, costumes and make-up play a big part in my appreciation of the movie. “Repo!” went with a gothic/punk style a pulled it off exceedingly well. I found the Repo Man’s costume especially frightening, and the effects of scars due to surgery were convincing. The sets were also done very well, and managed to set the time period of a not-so-distant future effectively. There were only two things about the visuals that irked me. The first was the effect of the spurting blood. I couldn’t tell if it was CGI or just very bad practical effects, but it looked extremely fake. The second was some sort of filter that they put on the film, it looked almost like HDR or a blur filter. Whatever it was, at some points it just made the picture very blurred.

Acting: The acting was wonderful, even on Paris Hilton’s part. What Vega lacked in singing skills, she made up for in acting. Her performance at the end of the movie, along with Head’s, brought tears to my eyes. Zdunich’s character of the grave robber was portrayed so effectively that I almost wished that the movie was about him, and the rest of the actors fit into their roles perfectly. I can’t imagine a different cast for this movie.

Overall: At the end of every movie I watch, I like to try and form my own conclusion of what it was about. I like to make up my own “moral of the story” so to speak. You could say this movie teaches us the dangers of greed, envy, or forbidden fruit. But I think that this movie has a much more uplifting moral, I think it is about the love between a man and his daughter. At the end of this movie, I was reminded of a quote from one of my favorite books, The Road. It reads, “This is my child, he said. I wash a dead man’s brains out of his hair. That is my job”. Some parents will do anything for their children, and in this movie, one does.

Pros: Great acting, fabulous costumes, original storyline, good soundtrack

Cons: Weak singing, unrealistic blood, blurry camera filter

Well there you go, my review of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Make sure to comment with your own thoughts on the movie, I’d love to hear what you think. Also, if there’s a movie that you want me to review, go ahead and tell me!



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